We are no where near 100% when it comes to eating organic.  We are taking baby steps.  We started with the Dirty Dozen (foods with the highest pesticide residue).  We were amazed to find the noticeable difference in appearance, flavor, texture, etc. that the organic produce offered.  We were hooked.  We also like the idea of avoiding unnecessary pesticides on our food and avoiding the undetermined potential harm they may cause.
It's a gradual process that will look different for everyone and every family.  We have also made an effort to buy local whenever possible.  This means fresher food that travels less to get to your local market and it also helps support local farms and farmers.
Here are some interesting articles on both sides of the Organic debate that I have found through my own reading.  

Read up and decide for yourself. (in chronological order)

*Dec 2011 - Organic foods: Are they safer? More nutritious? |
*April 2011 - Worried About Food Dyes?  4 Tips To Avoid Them | Eating Well
*February 2011 - Processed, fatty foods may dumb down your kids |
*USDA National Organic Program
*November 2010 The Hidden Health Risks of Food Dyes | Eating Well
*May 2010 - President's Panel on Cancer | Environmental Causes of Cancer Report 
*May 2010 - Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Urinary Metabolites of Organophosphate Pesticides | Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics 
*May 2010 - Experts issue more pesticide warnings for kids | Chicago Tribune 
*May 2010 - Study of Common pesticides linked to ADHD | Chicago Tribune 
*Feb 2010 - Perspective on the Benefits of Organic Foods | American Dietetic Association 
*Aug 2009 - American Dietetic Association Refuses to Acknowledge Benefits of Organic Food | Complimentary & Alternative Medicine 
*July 2009 - Organic food 'no healthier than conventional' | By Martin Hickman 
*July 2009 - Parkinson's linked to high levels of pesticide in the body | By Kate Devlin, Medical Correspondent :: Review of study published here in Archives of Neurology Journal 
*March 2009 - Eating Food That's Better For You, Organic or Not | New York Times
*April 2008 - Is Organic Food Really Healthier? | Earth Island Journal 
*March 2003 - America’s Children and the Environment: Measures of Contaminants, Body Burdens, and Illnesses. | 
* Why Organic Is the Healthiest Choice for Kids | here for the recipe!

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